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Adopt a Vortex!

The allocation of high and low pressure areas for 2021 started on September 16th 2020 at 00.00 GMT+2.

Please send us the application form (Lows and Highs) via fax, post or e-mail.

You can find the current lists of 2021 here: Highs and Lows


You can find the "Geburtstagswetterkarte" (birthday weather map) of the "Berliner Wetterkarte" here.


Giving names to high and low pressure systems has a long tradition: Since 1954, the Institute of Meteorology of the Free University of Berlin names Highs and Lows which influence the weather in middle Europe. Those names are used by meteorological services and you can see them in weather briefings in newspapers, on radios and at television.

Weather report Berliner Tagesspiegel    Weather report n-tv    Weather report Sat1
Weather report Berliner Tagesspiegel, n-tv and Sat1 Television

With Adopt-a-Vortex everybody is able to participate in the naming process. This is not only for entertainment purposes, but it has a very serious reason! Every adoption means to enable the continuation of climate observation and the comprehensive weather observation by students, which is carried out at the Institute of Meteorology of the Free University of Berlin, Euro by Euro.

Of course supporting this initiative does not mean that you really influence the weather itself, but you can leave your signature on the weather charts. After the high or low has vanished from the weather charts, every client of ours gets a ‘Post Mortem Documentation’ consisting of a certificate, weather chart of the ‘day of birth’, an individual life story and a ‘Berliner Wetterkarte’ for his or her vortex. So give joy to yourself or loved ones!

In even years, highs obtain male names and lows are female. In uneven years it is the opposite.

And this is the way to adopt a Vortex!

Please read the information about the procedure and mind our general rules when you file an application.

We would be quite pleased if you frequently use this opportunity to adopt a vortex for the continuation of the uninterrupted “Berliner Klimareihe” (Berliner Record of climate). It is also an important contribution for the training of students of meteorology.

In the following table you can see the current situation: The given names, their adopters and the ‘day of birth’. Free names are indicated by their first letters and also have the status ‘free’.


Given Name or Free Letter Adopter State or Day of Namegiving
Flaviu (gespr. Flawiu)Flaviu Popescu
13. Jan 21
GoranGoran Golik
15. Jan 21
HakimHakim Massoud
20. Jan 21
IrekIrek Lewandowski
JussufJussuf Rahmani
KasperKasper Löffler
LarsLars Dorn

List of all names given to Lows and free letters in 2021
Lists of all given names


Given Name or Free Letter Adopter State or Day of Namegiving
Bozena (gespr. Boschena)Bozena Jaworska
13. Jan 21
Chana (gespr. Chana)Chana Salomon
14. Jan 21
Dragica (gespr. Dragiza)Dragica Antic
15. Jan 21
ElkeEckhard Ahrendt
FerdinandeaRudolf Geser
GiselaGisela Weide
HelidaHelida Zimmel

List of all names given to Highs and free letters in 2021
Lists of all given names

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