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Institut für Meteorologie FU Berlin
Reference "Wetterpate"
Schmidt-Ott-Straße 13
12165 Berlin

Tel.: +49 / 30 / 838-71226 or 838-71200
Fax: +49 / 30 / 7919002

email: wetterpate@met.fu-berlin.de

Team "Adopt-a-Vortex"


Mr. Sebastian Wölk, Ms. Daniela Schoster, Ms. Julia Sieland (phone: -71 226)

Employees (as support):

Ms. Petra Grasse (phone: -71 222)
Mr. Thomas Dümmel (phone: -71 200)

as well as all students participating at the students weather observation.

Press Releases

Our press release launching the year 2013 is here:

Press Release 2013

You can find our very first press release launching wetterpate.de (Adopt-a-Vortex) here:

Press Release Launching wetterpate.de (Adopt-a-Vortex)

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"Gerade 8 Monate und schon Wetterpate - und Sie?"
Thomas, Eching