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General Rules

Please understand that we reserve the right to decline the application.

Naming rules

In general you can choose any name you want, but please notice following restrictions:

  • The names must be acknowledged by the registry office as acceptable given fist names.
  • Hyphenated names are not accepted.
  • The names have to be written without any special characters, only German umlauts are allowed.
  • Surnames or names of companies are not accepted unless there are first names as well.
  • In every even year Highs are named with male and Lows with female names. In every odd year it is vice versa.

We reserve the right to refuse names. In such a case we will contact you immediately to find another solution.

In case you need any help with names please refer to

There you will find a lot of suggestions. If the name you chose is not listed, please contact us. If we get an application with a name we can not affirm by searching at the internet or by request at the register office we will appeal to the orderer and ask for an accredited proof. This can be a copy of the identification or else.

It is common practise to use the names for highs and lows published by the Institute of Meteorology. Nevertheless we do not guarantee that the names are published by the media. They have no obligation to quote the names.

We cannot determine the exact date of naming a high or low in advance. This lies in the discretion of the meteorologist on duty. He or she also decides which high or low is named. Normally all pressure systems that influence Central Europe obtain a name.

Please consult the rules of naming vortices.

We reserve the right to alter, to amend, to delete or to stop our service concerning this site or parts of it temporarily or permanently without further notice.

Every user agrees to these conditions.

Rules for linking a website.

The declaration of a website is optional. At this we also reserve the right to link the given homepage or not. In general the links stay active for two years and will be removed after this time. Please notice that we link natural persons, only! If you want a juristic person please understand that this is just possible as appendix. In this case a natural person could be the orderer for example. Please understand that we reserve the right to link the same homepage for several adoptions just once a year. Furthermore there are no sentences or parts of sentences for the linking text allowed, only the website is named.

For example: Max Mustermann (

Valid from 26 September 2012 all links to a homepage are with costs! The price for each link is 20,-.

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