Visualization of Terrain and Weather

terra3D is a system for the scientific and media related visualization of earth and weather. It has been especially desgined for TV weather reports, news and science magazines.

How Weather Animations Are Made with terra3D
The artificial earth is represented by a three-dimensional object with 2 information layers. The first layer describes the terrain with a colored height model. The second layer uses original satellite images for the visualization of the clouds. All object and layer parameters can be modified and animated with a portable graphical user interface. After having adjusted all parameters, a high-quality animation can be rendered.

Air current
Current Animations
Now daily new: current animations of the forecast air current in Northern and Southern Europe and the whole world. Furthermore: animated forecast of sky cover in Europe! Other air current animations made by terra3D can be found on the pages of!

terra3D interactive
terra3D interactive
How is the weather in other parts of the world? Simply select the desired country and the satellite that covers this country best and terra3D interactive computes a realistic picture of the current weather situation within a few seconds!

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terra3D Flyer
The terra3D Flyer is available for download:
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