CD-ROM "Clouds - Painting - History"

Mattias Koeppel: "Schwielow-See", 1991

A multimedia interpretation of pictures from Dutch
painters of the 17th century has been produced in
collaboration with historians, art historians and mete-
orologists, together with the Central Institute for
Audiovisual Media (Zentraleinrichtung für Audiovisu-
elle Medien (ZEAM) of the Free University of Berlin.
By the beginning of the last major could period (around
1600), clouds had begun to be of considerable interests
within all cultures as harbingers of the weather.
They were painted in many different ways.
The CD-ROM contains two sections:
1) Around 20 valuable Dutch landscape paintings from
   the 17th century (including works from Jacob van
   Ruisdael, Paulus Potter, Adrian van de Velde and
   Philips Wouwerman) are compared with relevant cloud
2) Two dozen votive panels, dating from the 17th to
   the 19th century, are interpreted with respect to the
   way of life at that time.
   Amongst other things they show the relationship that
   the people had with their surroundings.
   Most of them also contain distinctive cloud formations.
The CD-ROM presents previously un-published research ma-
terial. Using short texts and illustrations it combines
together important details concerned with various his-
torical and cultural aspects (including history, people's
way of life, the nature of calendars, painting guilds, and
dyke building).Clouds and weather shown on the panels
and paintings indicate to what extent the contents were 
realistically depicted. To provide a background source of
information the meteorological cloud classification is
shown using around 50 cloud pictures.
Access to all sections is achieved by using Hypertext
(by clicking on the key words). 
Minimum requirement:
486 PC , Windows 3.1, CD-ROM doublespeed cache, graphic card
800 x 600, 65.000 colours, 8 bit soundcard.

price: only 19,- DM !!!

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