CD-ROM "Weather and Flying"

Working in collaboration with numerous experts the contents of the Meteorological Calendar have been considerably increased, and are now being offered for the first time as a multimedia CD-ROM is available from February 1996 . Apart from the 13 high quality calendar pictures, it contains a considerable amount of inter- actively usable information on the theme "Weather and Flying" (aviation meteorology), as well as on various aspects of the theme "extreme climatic occurrences".

The CD is not intended as a textbook, the aviation and meteorological themes are by no means comprehen- sively represented. Rather, its contents are intended to provide a stimulus to dealing with questions of a meteo- rological nature. Above all, it is intended to show the variety and beauty of the atmosphere and flying . The texts are available in German and English.

Besides the 13 calendar pictures the CD contains several hundred high-quality colour photographs, many video sequences, animations, sketches, and spoken commentaries. The following themes are dealt with:

  • balloning
  • sailplaning
  • hang- and para-gliding
  • general aviation
  • long-distance air travel
  • pilot training.

    Also dealt with, along with cloud classification, are individual themes such as Thermals:

  • updraughts
  • waves
  • wind
  • wind shear
  • tip vortices
  • turbulences
  • aerosols
  • cloud formations
  • contrails
  • icing

    This is supplemented with climatic themes such as flooding 1995, snow, ice, and hot summers. The introductory sequence is set to "tone pictures" from the Berlin group "Four Your Pleasure".

    Accress to all sections is achieved using Hypertext (clicking on key words).

    Minimum requirement. 486 PC, Windows 3.1, CD-ROM doublespeed cache, graphic card 800 x 600, 65,000 colours, 8 bit soundcard.

    price: only 49,- DM !!!

    to order by:

    DMG-ZV Berlin & Brandenburg c/o Inst. f. Meteorologie, FU Berlin C.-H.-Becker-Weg-6-10 D - 12165 BERLIN Fax: (+49 30) 791 90 02

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